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It's time for someone Eltz!

Tuesday, November 7, 2023



Over the next four years, I will provide the forward thinking the council needs to prepare and innovate for current and future vitality.

Priorities For a Future-Ready Carmel

Give the City Council back to the citizens of Carmel

  • Only accepting donations under $100, my vote won't be bought!

  • Direct democracy, give more power back to the citizens of Carmel to direct council votes leveraging technology, townhalls, or forums

  • Accessible and responsive to the needs of the Southeast District Citizens 

Safe, secure, and supportive Carmel community.

  • Roads, roundabouts, and trails are safe for ALL users

  • Police and fire have the resources they need to perform their jobs at a high level

  • Adopt or coordinate Southeast District community building/networking practices; volunteering opportunities, park and ride carpooling, and events

Development that addresses needs of the community and is responsive to the needs of the planet

  • Green, environmental friendly, carbon neutral building practices

  • Innovative and sustainable

  • Continue growing green space to reduce city heat, pollution, and noise

Support our schools!

  • After the unprecedented and unfounded attacks on our schools in 2022, it's time for city leaders to stand up for education.

  • Quality schools are needed for continued growth, innovation, and talent attraction in Carmel

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